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Balthazar Research Report: A Deep Dive into Dogamí and the Petaverse

Written by Nicholas Korsgaard, Chief Gaming Officer, and Kim Bjerkeli and Sigurd Thomassen, Game Strategists, Balthazar Alpha Team


In this article we will take a look at the upcoming NFT play-to-earn (P2E) petaverse game, Dogamí. We will take a look at everything Dogamí, and why we think it is one of the most promising upcoming P2E games.

We will be continuously updating this article as more information is released and as we are closing in on both the beta launch and Petaverse launch.

If you would like to read more about Dogamí, and what we think about the Tezos ecosystem, take a look at our thoughts here.


We’ve been watching Dogamí since December 2021, and we have been intrigued by how fast the community has grown and how active they are. Dogamí is an unreleased game for smartphones where you adopt a dog, play with it, earn with it, and socialise. It is basically a pet that lives through your phone in augmented reality (AR).

First sale

On February 22, 2022, there will be a mint for those who are whitelisted. This means they will be able to buy a pet. Although the price is currently undisclosed, they’ve said it will be affordable. Twenty-four hours after this event, the public sale will go live, and cover the number of dogs not sold out in the pre-sale.

They’ve announced that during this first sale there will be 800 Alpha generation pets of each breed and eight to 10 breeds. This means that there will be between 6,400 to 8,000 dogs for sale. Depending on how many is whitelisted, our bet is that this will sell out instantly in the pre-sale. And if anything goes to the public sale there will be thousands in line waiting to snatch the ones that are left.

Gameplay loop

There is a breeding aspect of this game, and this is very important because the ultimate goal of the game is to breed forth the best dog. To be able to make more dogs, you would have to nurture your dog to adulthood and breed it with another dog. The puppies can then be sold on the marketplace for others to buy, and this gives them an entry into the game.

They’ve announced that there will be over 300 different breeds in the game, all with unique traits. There will be a lot of content for those interested in breeding forth new breeds, or dealing with pure-breds. There are also four tiers a dog can have. Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond. All of this ties back to the breeding and rarity of your dog.

Mobile app

The aspect of a mobile app using augmented reality is really interesting. This means you will be able to bring your digital pet into your living room.

In one of Dogamí’s latest tweets, they showcase a video of how it looks through the app:

$DOGA token

Since this game is built on the Tezos blockchain, there is of course a token economy involved. The cryptocurrency $DOGA is the local currency to the “Petaverse” and it can be acquired through playing the game. You can use it to purchase consumables, buying clothes, and event tickets. It will also play a central part in the breeding aspect of the game, as we’ve seen in other NFT based games.

Breeding has a “burn mechanic” of their respected tokens. We assume you would have to use or burn a decent amount of $DOGA to breed a male and a female dog, preferably not related genetics-wise, to bring forth a new puppy.

When it comes to the tokenomics of the project, the $DOGA token is due to be listed in Q1 2022, and will be used for in-game transactions, and rewards for Dogamí adopters. In Q2 2022 they plan to introduce DeFi features like farming and staking.


Even though the first drop of Dogamí NFTs are on February 22, 2022, the game is not planned to be released before Q2 of 2022. So we can at least expect to wait until April 2022 before we actually get to play with any of these pets.

What we hope for, and expect, is that up until launch day there will be several drops where more breeds are introduced. A staggered release like this seems both clever and probable from the developer’s side. As they can maintain hype by keeping it exclusive, and not overwhelming the community with too much at once.


n general, we’ve kept our eye on the Tezos ecosystem for a long time. And Tezos has emerged as one of the go-to blockchains for artists in the growing NFT world.

NFT projects

In Q4 2021, there were several PFP (profile picture) NFT projects launching on Tezos. For example, Owlz and Tereza (both still not sold out at the time of writing) in our opinion have high quality art compared to similar projects on Ethereum. However, during the NFT winter, with markets being down, most of the projects had a tough time getting traction.

In the past few months however, other NFT projects in the Tezos ecosystem have emerged. Among these, the most successful project in our view is Ottez. Ottez is a PFP project with high art quality and an amazing community and management. They sold out all of their 4007 NFTs in less than 10 hours of the public launch. Since then, the floor price has increased by 10x in a week. Several other Tezos NFT projects like Mekatron K9 (also dog NFTs), have also sold out in a short time after their public launch.

In essence, we want to highlight the change in popularity and willingness to participate in Tezos NFT projects now, compared to just a few months ago. We suspect the reason for this is the traction and attention Tezos has gotten lately through multiple huge partnerships and announcements like Manchester United, Vitality and Ubisoft.

Source: LunaCrush

All of this sets the stage for the upcoming release of Dogamí. Tezos has been generally accepted as the environmentally friendly blockchain with its extremely low gas fees and power usage. And with the hashtags #CleanNFT and #BlockchainEvolved, it has become the go-to choice for serious actors like Dogamí, and larger entities like Ubisoft. This is something Dogamí themselves have confirmed in this article.

NFT games

There are several games already building on the Tezos blockchain. Rocket Monsters, TezoTrooperz and Bunny Knights to name a few. However, one of the most noteworthy is Tezotopia. But as we see it, nothing looks more promising than Dogamí right now, excluding the Tezos ecosystem itself.

Dogamí addresses all age groups and it has a simple interface through a mobile app for both Android and iPhone. It appeals to pet lovers – specifically, to all dog lovers. And as we mentioned in our research report on the Tezos ecosystem, “dog is king”, we can see the hype in all the dog coins.


Social media followers count:

Discord: 81,500

Twitter: 81,700

There is a fast-growing active community on Discord and they are using clever incentives to drive activity. The only way to get a whitelist spot as of now is to either get lucky in a raffle, through competition, or by grinding your levels on Discord to get reviewed by the crew for a spot on the list.

As at February 7, 2022, the rank-based whitelisting is closed, and the level system will be reset and started anew. So if you’re not already highly involved with the community, you better try your luck at the public sale.


Who is on the team?


  • Maximilian Stoeckl – Co-founder & CEO
  • Kristofer Dayne Penseyres – Co-founder & Chief Brand Officer
  • Adrien Magdelaine – Co-founder
  • Bilal El Alamy – Co-founder & CTO

Other notable members:

  • Alexandre Karako – Tokenomics & NFTs advisor
  • Alexandre Richetin – Head of Growth
  • Andy O’Shaughnessy – Community Manager
  • Bryan J.L. Glass – Petaverse world-builder
  • Celine Vlachos – Head of Social Media
  • Damien Nestelhut – Cloud System Administrator & DevSecOps
  • Dionne Edwards – Community Manager
  • Eddy Daguenet – Senior Game Designer
  • Emeric Boun – UX/UI designer
  • Fabrice Zaumseil – Game Producer
  • Gregory Magadoux – Art Director
  • Hugo Martinez – Discord Maker & CM
  • Josef Holm – Advisory Board Member
  • Malcolm The Akita and May Chan-Koung – Dog Specialist & Shareholders
  • Mark Fielding – Senior NFT Writer
  • Maureen ‘Ibealia’ Caudron – 2D & 3D Artist / Concept artist
  • Miguel Costa – Dogamí Discord Language Channel MOD
  • Nicolas Fruneau – Developer Full Stack
  • Patrick Lecron – Senior Product Manager
  • Paul Adler – Founder’s Associate
  • Sarah Albini – Concept artist
  • Thibault Bouchez – Discord Moderator
  • Victor Binétruy-Pic – Product Owner Blockchain


Team assessment

Dogamí has a very impressive team with extensive combined experience in nearly all fields, from dog specialist to ex-marvel and DC world builders. The Advisory board adds on to the already impressive team with advisors such as Sébastien Borget, The Sandbox Co-Founder and President of the Blockchain Game Alliance, and Yat Siu, Chairman of Animoca Brands and named Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.

Do they have relevant experience?

Just by looking at the team working on Dogamí, their merits, and background, gives us a lot of confidence in the company and their ability to run this project. Their sober approach to taking their time and building it right through an organically growing community, and focusing on having good content before release is a breath of fresh air in the NFT game space.

We currently see most projects rushing to release not even half-made games for quick exposure and first-mover advantages. They often then crash and burn from either too fast growth in players, or not enough thought on their economic systems.

The fact that Dogamí also has highly reputable backers amplifies our confidence in this game.

Who are their backers?


Thoughts on the roadmap

Dogamí has chosen to keep their roadmap short and sweet, with bigger overarching goals of what they want to achieve. We think this is totally fine and they have very clear goals lined up. Some key goals we believe will be huge are the actual P2E game beta launch, AR features, the Petaverse, and cross-chain features.

Dogamí is also planning on collaborations and will reveal their first partnership in Q2 2022.

Bilal El Alamy, the Co-Founder of Dogamí, was recently quoted: “…we’ll be announcing a lot of partnerships with the Tezos Ecosystem very shortly, companies such as DEX and Stable-Coins ;)”

In Q3 2022, it will deploy the Petaverse and launch the Petaverse real estate agency, as well as introducing cross-chain features: EVM to Tezos. This could open up the game for a greater audience, when everything supporting Ethereum Virtual Machines can interact with Dogamí on Tezos.

Dogamí intends to expand outside of the Petaverse, as they’ve stated that pre-sale purchases earn you a DOGA HOUSE membership, which you soon can use to access experiences outside of the game.

Speculations and connecting the dots

What do they mean with deployment of the Petaverse? Could this be the metaverse for pets?

We can read from the roadmap that they plan to release the “Petaverse real estate agency”. Could this be something related to the DOGA HOUSE membership? Will there be a physical place where members of this exclusive club will have access to? Maybe members of DOGA HOUSE will have access to some exclusive area in the digital Petaverse, where their prized dogs could run around in an off-limits dog park?

How will Dogamí position themselves towards guilds? Will there be functionality for lending out your dogs, or having someone take care of them while you are unable to?

All of this is pure speculation and open questions. We guess we will figure this out in time.

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