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Jungo is a blockchain core Play to Earn game. It The only strategy shooter (physics-puzzle) game available on GameFi.

JunGo NFT Game

Jungo is a blockchain core Play to Earn game. It The only strategy shooter (physics-puzzle) game available on GameFi. Based on Blockchain technology, you can use all 50+ of your animal allies to shoot down your opponents to earn NFT and currency, just like in previous Angry Birds games. The game has two tokens $JUNGO and $BLG to encourage players to participate in ecosystem activities. Playing the game will earn you $BLG. You can add them to your wallet once you earn them.Playing PVE and PVP content in the game will earn the player $JUNGO. Users could also evolve the animal and hanger cards using the same token.

In this game, you’ll be using your animals to shoot the hangers and the opponents’ animals. To win the game, you must knock all of the rival animals to the ground. Ten seconds are given to each player to aim and fire. If the timer expires or you complete your shot, the turn will be given to your opponent. Animals fight each other while hanging in The Hanger. It’s an important factor in winning. For stronger status, evolve and upgrade your hangers and animals. Each animal and hanger has its own strengths and weaknesses. The game features more than 50 different animal species. Each animal has a special ability to attack your foes. You can always find the animals that are best for your playing style. Some are strong enough to carry a ton of damage, some are adept at destroying hangers, and others are cold-blooded killers. For a wider selection of gaming options, you can also play both PVE and PVP modes.

This angry birds like game will bring a new excitement and thrill as players will need to be surely focus in order to win the game and earn all the assets possible. This new blockchain strategy game will bring the best new experience.

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