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A Play to earn trading card game with 9 different races competing for supremacy. Collect cards, build a deck, and reign supreme in the NFT game verse.

  • ETH

What Is 9Tales?

9 Tales is a story of nine different races co-existing in a fantasy world. These races are Humans, Orcs, Elves, Djinn, Elementals, Moutas, Beastmen, Old Ones and The Angels. You fight from one of the sides and explore various cultures, history, and legends of the races in an Adventure mode.

The game has other modes like Collesium, Last Man Standing, Competitive, and more. This is to ensure a holistic experience of a Trading Card Game, mixed with the setups of the Fantasy World with vibrant animations and stunning visual designs.

How To Play?

The game follows the traditional ‘Easy to learn, hard to master’ approach. As a player, your objective is to acquire cards and build a unique deck. The deck will be your primary asset when you battle against other players or the AIs. There, you will have to use your cards to be the victor skillfully.

  • Each player starts with fixed actions. Playing the cards will consume a specific number of actions.
  • The number of actions is replenished after the end of each turn for the next turn.
  • Players can attack each other and battle in real-time as they play their cards.
  • You will strategically use the cards to ensure victory over the opponent.

9Tales Tokens

Te 9Tales has a single built-in token, NIT, available for now. It will work as the in-game currency and possibly as the DAO Governance, but that isn’t clear yet. 9Tales will allow users to have a free-to-play approach and earn NIT as they progress in Adventure and Competitive modes.

The token will utilise crypto wallets for you to exchange and use in the game. Thus, you can liquidate them as another cryptocurrency or a fiat currency.

9Tales will also have the cards as the primary NFTs. There will be different cards with different rarities and levels.

How To Buy 9Tales tokens?

NIT cryptocurrency will be easy to exchange and invest in through crypto-wallets.

The NFTs will be available through in-game minting and earning. Users can list them down in the Secondary Marketplaces.

Players that have invested in holding NIT tokens will also receive discounted deck packs and free card drops. Those who missed the Genesis, Phase 1, and Pase 2 sales could find the listing in OpenSea and other secondary marketplaces from the players.

Play In Guild

9Tales is a TCG and Card Battler game in a mix with a fantasy setup. The story is intriguing, and there is much more to explore. Not only card NFTs but there will also be many other unique items in the form of NFTs achievable by the players.

If you want to thrive in such a setup, you need a team. The best way to do that is by joining a Guild. You can join Balthazar as its Wizard and open a new frontier of scholarships. If you have sustainable assets, you can rent them out or exchange them with others to play the games that interest you.

Balthazar is a rapidly growing wealth-building NFT platform with a highly sustainable community.


When Will 9Tales NFT Game Release?

The game is set to release anytime in Q4 2022. Their Genesis NFTs are already minted and sold out. The Phase 1 and Phase 2 NFT releases remain. Vanguard collection will also hit the market. However, if you check the roadmap, you will see some delays. So, the game release could push to 2023.

What Kind Of Game Is 9 Tales?

9Tales is a collective card and trading card game that focuses on building a powerful deck. After that, you will face other players and AIs in a card battle. Each side will take turns to play their cards and defeat the other side. The victor will earn rewards, gain experience, and more.

Which Blockchain Does 9Tales Use?

The game currently uses Ethereum for minting the NFTs and listing them. These NFT sales also run on the Ethereum blockchain. We can expect the entire game to utilise the Ethereum blockchain. Maybe the team is waiting for the Layer 2 protocol update from Ethereum before releasing the game.

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