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2112.run is an exciting new Transmedia Narrative project set in a cyberpunk universe.

  • Polygon

2112.run NFT Game

2112.run is an exciting new Transmedia Narrative project set in a cyberpunk universe. This project is a collaboration of 13 multidisciplinary teams that are working together to create an immersive gaming experience. The game revolves around attacking corporations to gain rewards, including rare NFTs that give players the power to shape the course of the 2112 Universe. This new web3 game is powered by the Polygon network and utilizes a hybrid off-chain and on-chain model. Players must manage resources, assess risk/reward, and make strategic decisions based on different outcomes.

One of the key features of 2112.run is its rich worldbuilding. Each corporation has its backstory, secret objectives, and motivations. This level of detail creates a dynamic and engaging universe that players can explore and interact with. The factions are guided by their ethos and characteristics, allowing for a variety of gameplay styles and strategies. The game is designed to allow for free roleplaying, giving players the ability to form sub-groups within factions and create their own stories within the larger narrative.

The gameplay mechanics of 2112.run are unique and engaging. Players control cryptorunner NFTs, which make “runs” on the target’s nodes. The game presents players with multiple options to respond to threats called ICE in a virtual landscape called the Grid. This creates an exciting risk/reward scenario where players must make strategic decisions based on the different outcomes. The game also has two mechanics: Consoled gameplay, and Land gameplay, which further adds to the depth of the game. 2112.run is a cutting-edge gaming experience that is sure to captivate players with its rich world-building, engaging gameplay, and unique mechanics.

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